Mini Shopping Center Of Cool


The Mini Shopping Center Of Cool

The Mini Shopping Center Of Cool (MSCOC) is the smallest creative shopping center of Amsterdam. The MSCOC is a platform for young and more established artists & designers. My philosophy is very simple, unique, authentic, graphic design, hand made, printed and produced under their own supervision. No mass production. The items I sell are t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessoires, jewelry, leather goods, illustrations & art prints and books. Also, I organize exhibitions to promote new work.

Come and see us at the Gravenstraat 4, 1012 NM, Amsterdam or visit our online shop at





Portraits by Sjors Oostdam

Sjors Oostdam lives in Amsterdam, 28 years old and is a professional photographer. In his spare time he likes to draw. Mainly portraits.

But don’t be fooled! The portraits may have eyes, ears, teeth, all these components that make a face, but not in a way you expect them to be.

Your first thought is, what on earth am I looking at??

But then, when he takes you through his portrait, and when you can see where it is going you are left slightly dazzled.


” Watch yourself ”

On the left you see a bird holding an eye in his beak. This is a self-reflective look back at the animal it in fact belongs to. Do not be distracted by the details but look at the whole. If you look closely you can see a monkey holding his own eye.


When he starts  drawing, he does not know in advance what he is going to make. The first lines he puts random on paper.

Along the way with these first lines he imagines an image. If he fails doing so, he draws as long until he does see an image. ‘ I never allow myself to start again ‘ .

Sjors doesn’t own unfinished or failed drawings.

He works only with markers on purpose. Each line is continuously drawn and, therefore, must be used at all times.

His first ever drawing, De man met de snor ( The man with the moustache )



And above you see The Milkmade, but this portrait I’ll let you figure it out by yourself

His work will be exhibited at the Mini Shopping Center of Cool from

March 31 2017 – May 25 2017

Check for opening night details

A world where you can dissapear

Pencil drawings is a rare craft these days. Everything is done digitally nowadays. Nothing wrong with that of course, but when you see the real deal now and again you get amazed by it’s energy.

A few days ago Mischa Smit Kleine, born in Amsterdam, graphic designer, illustrator, and most importantly, draftsman came into my shop. I did not know him, he did not know me. He was doing a round with his pencil drawings to find a space where they would like to show his work.  He rolled out the paper and there it was.

A world in which you can disappear.

‘Welcome to the Machine ‘ for instance is about what makes the world turn these days. Despite all cultural, spiritual or historical differences,

we are all caught in the same machine of things. Wether we contribute or consume, it has no master, there is no one in charge. It is unstoppable..


So many details, it’s a trip without acid. You could get lost if you wanted to.

Island ” The Urban Princess Dream Garden “. As a counterpart of the drawing Welcome to the Machine, this work is about ‘natural balance’.  A place we long for, but are unable to survive in.


We have the Glicée prints in our shop, printed on acid free paper which can last for a 100 years.

Both drawings count 150 hours of work. If you would like to disappear for for a while, this is your chance!

Wouter Hisschemöller

Dutch-based artist, Wouter Hisschemöller, produces paintings based on collages of street scenes, local environments and photos of daily life in the city. The ‘cutting and pasting’ element to his work abstracts his imagery, creating a certain strangeness that is slightly disorientating


He studied visual arts at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, where he graduated as a visual artist in the field of etching, lithography and printed arts in 1990.

Digital techniques play an important role in his creative process. His paintings today are based on photographic material found online. Of the millions of photos that are uploaded and shared daily, he searches the web for ones he might use. Using Photoshop these are cut, pasted and reorganized into collages that form the basis for his paintings.


His work will be exhibited at the Mini Shopping Center Of Cool, Gravenstraat 4, 1012 NM Amsterdam from March 25 till May 6 2016. The opening is Friday 25th of March starting at 17:00.


Dry Goods & Groceries

‘There is a darkness and there is a light. And there’s a choice. ” One of the lyrics that are
collected in the book Dry Goods & Groceries. An ode to Americana music genre.
Music, photos, stories and poetry brought together in one book curated by JW Roy who’s new album is the core of this book.
Photos by Femke Hoogland and singer Tim Knol. Tim Knol will exhibit 6 photographs that he took while traveling through the States where he was performing.

The black and white photo taken in the streets of New York is a wonderful shot.
Poverty and wealth are walking in the same direction. The light that hangs between both casts a shadow over prosperity.


And so have all the pictures exhibited a story to tell and can your imagination run wild.

The bowling alley photo, lonely and abandoned, someone is trying to strike the last two cones. It’s now or never, a kind of victory needed to break through.

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 12.02.38 PM

During the opening, JW Roy will be performing a few songs of his new album. Unplugged!
Reading this book makes you want to listen to all the music that is described in interviews i.a. Freek de Jonge, Leon Verdonschot, Frédérique Spigt and JW Roy, of course, about their musical heroes.

Exhibition is from 5 February – 25 March   –    Opening Sunday 7 February  16:00 – 19:00

Gravenstraat 4, 1012 NM Amsterdam

Cherry, Elm, Ash on wheels

My snowboarding days are long gone but my interest in boards, skateboards, is still alive and kicking. So when I saw the wooden skateboards made by Bastiaan van Druten, founder of Woody Skateboards, that little kid in the candy store feeling arose.


A lot of boards these days are mass produced and the boards have no soul anymore.  He wants to bring back the authentic craft of making a board, back to life. The feeling you get when you see a board, made by hand, looking at the details, color, design and then when your hart makes a little jump you found your board that suits your personality. It becomes your friend, your buddy.

Woody Skateboards are all handmade from 100% locally grown timber. The trees were felled because they were in the way of capitalism or a new road as he writes on his website. Every board is unique because the wood dictates the way they look.


Bastiaan told me he had an idea to collaborate with different artists and designers to create a series of boards that will be designed, painted individually. The ultimate board. When the series is finished I would be very happy to exhibit these boards. So stay tuned if you are just as excited about this as me!

The shop will open at november 1rst at the Gravenstraat 6, Amsterdam

Update Crowdfunding MSCOC

Since June I have been working for IAmsterdam and have been doing research for them by interviewing tourists. They send me to Volendam, Marken, Edam, Zaanse Schaans, Lelystad, Muiderslot, Haarlem, Zandvoort, Noordwijk, Monnickendam, Heemskerk and a lot of cool places in Amsterdam itself. I probably spoke to 400 people all over the world and finally, Today I was able to support myself with a significant amount and we are at 64%!!

zaanse schans marken           Zaanse Schans                                                             Marken                                          

lelystad   dak

      Lelystad                                     Roof Scheepsvaart Museum Amsterdam

Friday I will attend Summerschool organized by Douw&Koren the Crowdfunding haven for people like me. They will teach me how to be more productive and how I will achieve my goal and prepare me for CROWDFEST they are organizing 25 & 26 of September where investors will be on the loose and for me to catch.

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 10.52.29 AM

All the people who have supported me so far, yet again, can not thank you enough! For those who would like to be part of the supporting team, so we can open these doors 1st of November!!! Ciao for now