Studio Teer Illustrations

Margreet de Jong is a a young illustrator from the Netherlands and got her bachelor of Design at ArtEZ Academy of high arts in Zwolle only two years ago. Still at the very beginning of her career, and what a prosperous one it will be. Looking at her illustrations you see human emotions. Even tho the portraits are quit harsh, funny teeth, to many wrinkles, they have an expression. They look puzzled, thinking things over, on an adventure, struggle,  but they are all endearing.

margreet11             margreet8

Her tight lines, patterns, have a structure in the chaos she creates. Like real life. Finding structure in the chaos that life brings. Making your way through. You are looking for example at the sneaker wearing bird, wearing his little helmet, in his car. You have now idea where he is going, he doesn’t probably knows where he is going, but you with him all the way.  Off he goes!!


Margreet creates. Stories with only patterns and lines. What is going on behind the scenes? Wether she draws robots or monsters or portraits.

margreet3         margreet15

So, you can imagine that I am very happy I got to know her work through Teresa Orazio, whom I also admire, which she did a project with. Great how this chain works. So the Mini Shopping Center Of Cool will represent her when we have opened beginning of November at the Gravenstraat. But before this is happening I will bring some of her work to the Local Goods Market @ De Hallen in Amsterdam, 12 & 13 september so we can introduce ourselves! So, come along and get to know us!


When you want to support us, and want our platform to come alive, go to and see how you can get involved and how we say thank you!


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